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You are a wine passionate or an amateur and you can’t choose between White, Rosé or Red Wine : WineNote is here to help you to find the best association of wine and food.                                             To impress your friend, family in dinner or party, WineNote made you  a selection of French Wine estate.

Why we only choose French Wine estate ?

France is a fundamental pillar in wine industries, because is the oldest and biggest wine producer. With 6 to 7 billion bottles of wine per year, France produce 20% of the  world’s production of wine. Moreover, France have ancestral grape varieties as Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot noir, Sauvignon blanc, Négrette, Syrah and many others, which are now planted all around the world. Also, in France we have largest superficies of vineyards and highest consumption level.

With a part 58 % of the purchases of the households in wine, the red wine is the most bought, followed by some rosé wines (25 %) and white wines (17 %). Wines of Protected designation of origin are majority and represent 50 % of the purchases of the households in wines, wines of vine follow with 15 %, foreign wines they represent 8 %.The French consumers show a difficulty to understand the offer, it is also the case of the foreign consumers. Indeed, there are 450 AOP, 125 IGP, and many other wine table . Consumers are faced to a big offer with a lack of wine education, so most of the time they are lost.

French Wine is a basic, You know…

We choose for you a selection of wine region in France. As you can see in this map (below), we have select :

-Bordeaux :  First producer of wine in France. Located in the south-Est of France, in Gironde, Bordeaux is the best know region of wine. Bordeaux profits of  moderate oceanic climate which offer best conditions to their vineyard. Bordeaux most famous for Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot Blends.

-Côte du Rhône: Another big producer of Wine in France. It is the oldest wine-producing region of France. With approximately 250 km of vineyard divided into 2 categories: the vineyard northern in the North with naming Croze-Hermtiage, hermitage, Condrieu, Roasted ribs and the vineyard Southern with naming Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Vacqueyras, Gigondas, Sablet.                      

-Languedoc-Rousillon : Languedoc-Roussillon is one of the largest vineyards in France with a great wealth of terroirs (Minervois, Saint Chinian, Corbières, Pic Saint Loup …). Present in four departments, this region has a rather mild Mediterranean climate, and ideal conditions for viticulture

-Sud-Ouest : Spread over 12 départements, the Southwestern vineyard offers a very wide variety of wines. Red wines are produced in this region, dry white, mellow, rosé, effervescent and eau de vie. An exceptional region at the level of the quantity of the different grape varieties present, especially endemic to this region.

-Bourgogne : The Burgundy vineyard has a millenary history. Today Burgundy has an incredible diversity of terroirs. The richness of its subsoil is one of the reasons why the region has decided to inscribe its famous “climates” on the World Heritage of Unesco.

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